1. 1.How did the idea for Feel Free come about?

-Well, we were all sittin’ around one day with some unbroken boards and some drink in our cup when we realized we should make a video. And damn it, we should call it Feel Free!

  1. 2.You have some odd pets. Indulge us.

-I have an obnoxious ferret who runs the house, two rats, and a horntail. But you didn’t hear that from me.

  1. 3.What are your hobbies outside of skateboarding?

-Upholstery... taking things apart, completely changing it, and putting the pieces together again. Makes for a good Sunday.

  1. 4.You just started riding for Theeve trucks. How is that going?

-It’s going great. The trucks are the best I’ve ever skated and I love the team. And hey, I can actually say without lying that I ride for the same team as Tony Hawk.

  1. 5.Who’s winning the 2010 NBA Championship?

-What I do know is this: I like watching LeBron James throwing powder in the air like a wizard. I like wondering how Dwight Howard’s arms are bigger than most children. And I like watching Kevin Garnett slam dunk your face off!

  1. 6.What’s your outlook been on filming for this video?

- I wanted to be able to just skate down the street and see a strange looking rock, sign, or garbage can and film somethin’ on it, you know? We all wanted to be free to film something off the beaten path. I think that when something really special happens.

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